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Schmiere - Wobbler 6-String-Steve
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Schmiere - Wobbler 6-String-Steve




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Schmiere - Wobbler 6-String-Steve

6-String-Steve isn't only styled very cool but is a ridiculous genius when it comes to play the strings. Casual, in power position and a Havana cigar in his beak, he gets the crowd out of control within less than 2 minutes. Without doubt, this guy is awesome: he brings the wildest and finest rock'n'roll into the halls. Are you equal to hear the merciless judgement of the winged rock-o-meter? 

Hand-painted Schmiere Wobbler with devilish rock'n'roll fingers.

Only one day after the little raven hatched, he made his first flying lessons at a little club in St. Louis. He was strongly attracted by the kind of strange noises that were coming from the club. Minutes later, a pleasant lanky guy found him right before his feet - dancing and playing air guitar. Hardly surprising that Chuck Berry himself handed over his first Gibson to the snazzy little guy. As luck would have it Brian Setzer was searching for a new roadie - from that day on, 6-string-Steve's life path was set in stone: Rock'n'Roll forever! Well now no one's ever better on the guitar than him - even Link Wray stole his chords. Still questioning?

This wobbler has a height of approx. 19 cm. It's made of resistant poly-resin. Each sculpture is hand painted and convinces with a fascinating richness of detail. The oversized raven head wobbles if the ground moves and also by just nudging Steve. 6-String-Steve guarantees a good atmosphere with his cool moves - now you only need the right Rock'n'Roll music and the moment is perfect. 

The Wobbler "6-String-Steve" at a glance:

  • Material: synthetic
  • Composition: poly-resin
  • Color: multicolor
  • Pattern: other
  • Size: approx. 19 cm
  • Weight: approx. 0,3 kg
  • Hand-painted
  • With oversized wobble head
  • Attention: Not qualified for under 3-year-olds. Contents swallowable consumables.

Schmiere by Rumble59 offers a great choice of pomade and a whole Wobbler-crowd for collecting and to love. 6-String-Steve in shape of a detailed wobbler will inspire and fascinate you likewise.

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