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Big Size Towel Schmiere Barbershop
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Big Size Towel Schmiere Barbershop




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Big Size Towel Schmiere Barbershop

With the 'Barbershop' towels you'll immediately be recognised as a connoisseur of our Schmiere hair grease range and it's mascot, the Schmiere Raven. Only a few of you will be chosen to own the image of the 3 arty barber ravens printed on fluffy cotton. So, be quick - first come, first serve!

Carry the Rockabilly Barber Trio with you - on a soft Bathing Towel.

Imagine a traditional barbershop, run by 3 very talented ravens who couldn't be more passionate about their craft and their side business? Chester the Brain is the head of the trio and can even mislead the most suspicious cop with his good looks, genius and charm about their criminal activities. Bob the Earcutter knows how to handle every cutting device and is not scared off by bloodshed to reach his goal. Steve McScissors is Chester's right hand and captivates with his artistic skills when handling scissors - much to the success of some of their past coups. Go and get properly pampered in Chester's barbershop, but be warned! You could easily become part of one of the trio's master plans.

Boring towels are so yesterday! Rumble59 offers these extra thick bathing towels in a range of exciting rockabilly designs. Our beach towels are made from soft quality cotton with a print covering the front. These towels are the perfect companions for travelling or for the bathroom at home. Feel wowed and a sense of wellbeing with these big and fluffy towels.

The convincing details of the 'Barbershop' towel in summary:

  • Composition: 100% cotton (approx. 660g)
  • Size: approx. 80 x 100cm
  • Extra thick quality
  • Large print at front
Rumble59 offers a wide range of rockabilly accessories! The extra thick bathing towel 'Barbershop' will be an eye-catcher wherever you take it. Get it now!

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